2019 Cultural Heritage Digitization Award

Information and updates regarding the 2019 award cycle.

Overview of the Award

The purpose of this award is to provide digitization and training services to an institution with a significant scholarly resource who is lacking the technical, physical, or human resources needed to complete digitization and/or host the resulting digital collection. The chosen collection will be digitized and published electronically as part of the MDL Collections. The award is open to all institutions within the state of Mississippi whose proposed collection fits the eligibility requirements. Applicants need not be an academic library; public libraries, museums, historical societies, research centers, or any other cultural heritage institutions are welcome to apply.

Institutions do not need any previous experience digitizing archival materials or creating metadata. The Mississippi Digital Library staff will provide the winning institution with any training necessary to fulfill the award requirements.

Award Description

The awardee(s) will receive 80 cumulative hours of on-site archival quality digitization services (see digitization standards at the end of this document) which will be completed by the digitization team over a one week period, a copy of all master and access digital files, a digital collection in the MDL, a digital exhibit featured on the MDL website, and digitization training to aid in future projects. The digitization work will be performed by selected librarians, archivists, and other digital initiatives staff from THE FOLLOWING BOARD MEMBER INSTITUTIONS: Delta State University, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, the Mississippi Digital Library, Mississippi State University, the University of Mississippi, and The University of Southern Mississippi. It is expected that one proposal will receive the award per award cycle.

Digitization will occur over a one week period during August 2019.

Institution Eligibility

Any institution located within the state of Mississippi may be considered for the award regardless of political, religious, or other affiliation. Institutions, for the purposes of this award, are defined as societies or organizations founded for educational, social, political, religious, or other purpose. Any non-member, current member, or previous member institutions (excluding board member institutions) are eligible to apply for the award. Non-member and previous member institutions must be willing to enroll in or reactivate membership in the Mississippi Digital Library.

Further collection eligibility requirements can be found in the award guidelines.