2017 Cultural Heritage Digitization Awardee

Carnegie Public Library of Clarksdale and Coahoma County

Carnegie Public Library of Clarksdale and Coahoma County

Proposed Collection

Coahoma County Cultural Heritage Digital Collection

Collection Significance

The collection consists of photographs, manuscripts, postcards, maps, historic and original letters, slave letters, documentations and papers, numerous and valuable family collections of genealogies and histories, and library records spanning from the early 1800s to the current decade.

Community Significance

Local, state, and national appeal. Materials receive consistent use. The collection highlights the history of Coahoma County, including the pioneers' county settlement, the library's initial century, and citizens' involvement in international and national wars, natural disasters and social movements.

Benefit to Institution

Address funding and preservation concerns; provide a systemized digital file management and retrieval solution to library staff and patrons; greater online accessibility of cultural heritage materials; remove age and economic barriers to broaden audience; enhance library's online presence

Collection Format

Mostly photographs that are 4” x 6” and smaller to 8” x 10”, and negatives and 35mm film; some documents, scrapbooks and oversized items.


No known copyright restrictions for the majority of the collection. Most of the photographs and documents owned by Carnegie by way of donations or library creation. Additional research scheduled regarding some collection papers. Any items without proper copyright permissions will be replaced with other materials.


Metadata and project timeline includes all activities and milestones with appropriate personnel assigned for project completion.


Well thought out reasons for digitizing particular items including research interest and condition of physical materials. Long-term collection divided into mini-projects. Immediate digitization project focused on fragile, damaged, rare, highly used, and/or frequently requested materials.